This site was created to assist people who want to quit dipping tobacco.   Using herbal snuff is a great way to quit dipping and get beyond the initial stages.  However, there was no information available on which herbal snuff product is best and what people prefer.  So we decided to put a website together to allow people to show their preferences.  We intend on becoming the number one reference for information on herbal snuff products and how to quit dipping.  We welcome all suggestions about information and content to our site through Contact Us.

Since people have different preferences on the type of tobacco and herbal snuff they use, we gather the preferences from our users and use that information to help you find the best product for you.

Just let us know if you have tried an herbal snuff product and whether you liked it.  

We appreciate your input!!!

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Last Updated:04/29/2010 What do all the numbers mean?
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Product Flavor Overall Vote
Hooch Snuff Mint Snuff 96% 64 Vote!
Hooch Snuff Wintergreen 86% 44 Vote!
Hooch Snuff SpitFire 85% 62 Vote!
Hooch Snuff Classic 76% 29 Vote!
Smokey Mountain Snuff Arctic Mint 68% 102 Vote!
Smokey Mountain Snuff Cinnamon Ice 62% 43 Vote!
Smokey Mountain Snuff Classic 61% 91 Vote!
Bacc-Off Xtra Winter Green 60% 39 Vote!
Bacc-Off Winter Green 57% 51 Vote!
Smokey Mountain Snuff Wintergreen 56% 133 Vote!
Bacc-Off Straight 56% 53 Vote!
Smokey Mountain Snuff Cherry 54% 61 Vote!
Bacc-Off Mint 51% 46 Vote!
Golden Eagle Chew Licorice-Mint 51% 43 Vote!
Golden Eagle Chew Cinnamon 49% 39 Vote!
Bacc-Off Pouches Mint Pouch 48% 19 Vote!
Golden Eagle Chew Wintergreen 43% 36 Vote!
Golden Eagle Chew Straight 42% 52 Vote!
Mint Snuff Pouches Original Mint 40% 42 Vote!
Youngs Chew Wintergreen 40% 8 Vote!
Mint Snuff Chew Original Mint 38% 69 Vote!
Youngs Chew Licorice 37% 11 Vote!
Root100 Wintergreen 35% 15 Vote!
Beaver Chew Beaver Chew 33% 16 Vote!
Bacc-Off Pouches Straight Pouch 33% 16 Vote!
Youngs Chew Ginger Red 33% 6 Vote!
Mint Snuff Chew Wintergreen 32% 67 Vote!
Youngs Chew Classic 32% 12 Vote!
Smokey Mountain Pouches Wintergreen 31% 38 Vote!
Kikit Wintergreen 30% 16 Vote!
Mint Snuff Pouches Wintergreen 27% 48 Vote!
Mint Snuff Chew Cinnamon 26% 50 Vote!
Root100 Original 25% 11 Vote!
Golden Eagle Chew Hibiscux-Ginger 24% 23 Vote!
Mint Snuff Chew Spearmint 23% 55 Vote!
Root100 Apple 21% 12 Vote!
Bacc-Off Pouches Wintergreen Pouch 21% 14 Vote!
Smokey Mountain Pouches Arctic Mint 21% 42 Vote!
Root100 Tangerine 20% 6 Vote!
Kikit Original 18% 21 Vote!
Root100 Ginger 18% 14 Vote!
Root100 Peppermint 13% 12 Vote!
Root100 Cinnamon 11% 13 Vote!
Kikit Classic 5% 18 Vote!
Hooch Snuff Cherry 0% 0 Vote!
Smokey Mountain Snuff Peach 0% 0 Vote!
Smokey Mountain Snuff Grape 0% 0 Vote!
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